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The lovely Sherlock fanfic author Berlynn Wohl will be attending Nine Worlds Geekfest, and she'll be in London for a few days beforehand. We've decided to combine a 'Meet Berlynn' event with a pre-con meetup, on Sunday 4th August. We'll post more details nearer the time, but the plan is to either meet for an evening picnic in Regent's Park (if the weather is still sweltering), or gather in The Green Man and Porter for drinks and pub food. We'll start around 4pm.

The meetup is open to everyone, whether you're coming to the con or not, and whether or not you're planning to hang out on the fanfic stream. It's an ideal opportunity to meet some of the con staff, as well as Berlynn and some other convention participants.

Please help us spread the word.

See you there!

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 Hey nineworlders, I have a couple of friends who unfortunately can't make it any more and are looking to transfer their tickets at Kickstarter price (£65). If you know anyone who might like to buy them please get in touch!

ETA: both tickets now claimed!

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 Who or what are you going to Nine Worlds as? How are your costumes coming along? Want to know if anyone else is planning on cosplaying in the same fandom as you?

First-time cosplayer? Experienced costumer? Here's your chance to compare notes, ask for advice, look for inspiration and talk about the awesome fun that is dressing up as your favourite characters.

Use this post to discuss anything and everything cosplay-related, whether that's sharing resources, planning group cosplay, arranging meetups or just squeeing about your plans.

PS: have you seen our Costuming track?

Intro post!

Jul. 7th, 2013 01:17 pm
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 Nine Worlds GeekFest is a multi-genre, multi-stream all-geeking all-dancing residential convention based in London, and this is our Dreamwidth community!

Nine Worlds is 
about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party. The first Nine Worlds is taking place this summer, from August 9-11, and will feature over 20 programme tracks covering everything from space science to steampunk to costuming to knitting, as well as specific fandoms like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Discworld, plus tracks on geek feminism, queer fandom, and tons more. Read more about what's oncheck out the guestsand keep up with official news over on the Nine Worlds website.

The con is aiming to be as inclusive, accessible, and family-friendly as possible. Click through to have a look at the 
accessibility info and anti-harrassment policy.

The purpose of this community is to have a space on DW for updates, chat, questions and squee. Feel free to use it to connect to other attendees. 'Looking for roommates/cosplay groups/etc' type posts are fine, as are questions and discussion posts for anything relating to the GeekFest. Please try to keep posts within the inclusive, diverse and family-friendly spirit of Nine Worlds, and have fun! 


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